We Suggest For Beauty Courses in Karnataka

If you are looking for a beauty parlour course in Karnataka, there are several institutes that offer training in beauty and wellness. Here are a few reputed beauty parlour training institutes in Karnataka:

Lakmé Academy: Lakmé Academy has multiple branches in Karnataka, including in cities like Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore. They offer a range of professional beauty courses, including a beauty parlour course.

Institut: Skin beauty care Institut is a well-known beauty and wellness training institute in Bangalore, Karnataka. They provide courses in beauty, hair, makeup, and spa therapies.

Caddys Beauty and Spa Academy: Caddys Beauty and Spa Academy, located in Bangalore, offers comprehensive beauty and wellness courses. They have courses specifically designed for aspiring beauty parlour professionals.

Shahnaz Husain's Women's World International: Shahnaz Husain is a renowned name in the beauty industry. They have training centers in Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka, where they offer beauty courses, including a beauty parlour course.

Fatmu Makeup Academy: Fatmu Makeup Academy, based in Bangalore, specializes in makeup and beauty training. They provide courses in makeup artistry, hairstyling, and other beauty-related subjects.

These are just a few examples, and there may be other institutes in Karnataka that offer beauty parlour courses. It is recommended to research and inquire about the courses, fees, and other details directly from the institutes to find the one that suits your requirements.

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